Fung Shui Enhance Abundance/Love and Positivity

Is the energy in your home, office, or place of business heavy or stale? Do you feel out of balance or blocked in your space? I can help rebalance and restore the flow of energy in the home using my Fung Sui and Energy Cleansing techniques. I tune into the vibration of the space and gain insight into the problem. I then use my Fung Shui methods to cleanse and refreshen your space to a balanced and peaceful energenic flow.  I will share any insight and causes of the imbalances with you during the process. This takes about an hour to two hours total time per space.

I offer additional services during my visit where I  cleanse objects of concern such as cars or mechanical equipment or individual objects as you desire.  Include all items you want cleansed in your booking for price details.

You can also schedule an energy cleanse on your self and your family during my visit.

Call me to set up you Space Cleansing at (774)269-9710. Please leave a message with your name, location, phone number, space and objects you need cleansed. I will call you with a quote and available times withing 48 hours.Thank you

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