Nina Jackson-Cape Cod, MA

“Kellie, you have a wonderful gift and I’m so glad you shared it with me. As our session began, I instantly felt calm and relaxed in your presence. It’s amazing how you sensed things I’ve never told anyone. After the session was over I felt a sense of peace and tranquility.  It was like I was cleansed of all the negativity that a stressful world loads on top of me. You are a positive influence and I encourage more people to experience how your process can help their lives.”

Tom Potts- Bourne, MA

“This is what I can say after seeing Kellie regularly for the past three or four months. Kellie is a loving, kind, and caring person.  She has a wonderful gift that allows her to connect with you and the energy in the universe.  I was impressed with her insight about my personal life.  She is positive and allows you the opportunity to search within to find your own personal gifts. I have more insight of my life and find that it is more balanced thanks to Kellie.”

Lisa Marshall – Falmouth, MA

“Dear Kellie,
I would like to thank you for the wonderful healing you gave me last Friday, it was great.  The pain I had in the ball of my foot is completely gone, I  haven’t had any problems with my neck either.  After the healing I felt great the best I’ve felt in a long time! I felt lighter,I could breath better. My friend Chris also wanted  to thank you for doing a cleansing on his house. There has not been any doors slamming,cans flying around the kitchen,or any orbs floating about.               THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!”

Bobby Harruff of Ohio

“I just wanted to Thank You for following spirit when we were at Lilly Dale.
The message you received from spirit for me was unexpected and greatly appreciated. The healing session was awesome. I felt like it was a sacred experience.  I have been able to get some much needed rest.  No more waking-up in the middle of the night in pain!!!!!!

Your are very spiritually gifted.  Thanks again for your guidance”

Heather Long – Cape Cod, MA

“Kellie! It was wonderful to meet you, though it seems we’ve met before…I want to thank you for showing me what is possible through deliberate energy work, and thank you for being true to yourself.  You are so positive and receptive and clear.  I look forward to doing work with you in the future; I fell asleep last night with my head full of the possibilities of our work together. Your presence is immediately calming, and I felt self conscience for only a minute. I’ve been thinking about where the energy was flowing during our work, and the associated colors and I’m starting to understand what was going on and why. Very enlightening! When we finished I felt so clear; there was a noticeable change, like debris being cleared from the bends in a creek.  I will definitely recommend you to those crossing my path who are seeking Clarity, Healing, and Guidance”

Jen Cubellis – Bourne MA

“An amazing thing happened to me on Sunday February 28,2010 and in a way it was kind of a miracle seeing as I had not had any real signs or anything from my dad who passed away on Feb 8th2009. I never thought something so miraculous would happen. I remember the day of his wake, I told him not to be afraid to come to me in a letter which went in the ground with him. Also I have been to his grave several times to sit with him and talk to him, just as I had done in the past and even though I had an idea that he was listening to me and that he was there I had no actual proof.
Well that would soon come to an end and my whole world would change on Feb 28th 2010, exactly one year and 21 days after he passed. If anyone knows my dad, they know this that when he has a point to make than that’s exactly what he is going to do. Well on this day an old friend Kellie Roy contacted me through Facebook and left me a message from my dad saying that in a dream my dad came to her. (Jen called me and I gave her the spirit messages)…She then told me that as she was trying to remember the dream he  came to her with specific messages for me to deliver to my family.
She said that she got the impression from him that I was very close to my dad. He said that I made him so proud and that I was a good daughter and that it was my time to live and to be happy.  He also went on to tell her  that in the past he talked with me about smoking and that I pretty much “Yessed” him to death, which is sooo true and I feel sorry that I didn’t respect his wishes before. He said he wants me to quit. However today  March 4th I have been smoke free for two days….(Jen is still smoke free!!!!) His final words to me which made me break down were “’stop trying to have a baby” it will happen on its own time and it will be a “’nice baby”. Honestly  I think one of my biggest concerns really was not having one now, but since I am getting old will it ever happen. He cared for me so much and that’s all I can ask for.I closed my eyes and I kind of saw him put his arms around me. Kellie said did you see that  he put his arm around you and hugged you and now he‘s blowing you a kiss goodbye. I know that this isn’t the last I will hear from him, but if it is I am happy to know that he is always watching and I will be more cautious of the decisions that I make.”

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